More layers for best protection.

1st Option

  1. Base Coat (Pure = Clear)
  2. Base Coat (Pure = Clear)

2nd Option

Mix 5:0.5 with tinters for coloring.

2. BaseCoat w. WB-Paint

1. BaseCoat (Pure = Clear)

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To build up a clear protective film, the Xtreme Wrap Base Coat

is simply applied undiluted in at least 2 further layers and then sealed with

the Clear Coat in matt or high gloss. The number of layers is unlimited – due to the

high dry film thickness of 40mμ per layer, a total film thickness of up to 250mμ can already be achieved in the standard version  with four layers of Base Coat and two layers of Clear Coat. This not only makes the film permanently stable and robust, but also  reliably protects the underlying paint from stone chipping and mechanical impact.

(Stone impact resistance: over 90% protection against stone impacts.)




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